NFC epidemic room is widely used post-epidemic era will become increasingly important

Hotel guests can use NFC contactless access control to unlock the door. ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions

During the COVID-19 (New Coronary Pneumonia) epidemic, hotel operators extensively used NFC contactless payment and access control (Access Control) to greatly reduce the risk of people coming into contact with and infecting viruses in hotel public spaces. The application of NFC contactless technology It will also be normalized and increasingly important in the post-epidemic era.

According to the Hospitality Net report, NFC contactless payments such as Android Pay and Apple Pay are becoming increasingly popular in the retail industry, while applications such as mass transportation, student and employee cards, sports tickets and smart cards are also driving NFC contactless technology. Widely deployed. Many reports pointed out that the occurrence of the epidemic has further contributed to a substantial increase in related demand, indicating that the era of NFC contactless technology has come, and various industries should actively invest to meet consumer demand.

The epidemic has hit the global hotel industry, but when the epidemic slows, the hotel occupancy rate will gradually recover, but travelers will still carefully follow various epidemic prevention rules when entering public spaces such as hotel lobby, reception, elevator, corridor, restaurant Operators should actively take corresponding epidemic prevention measures to eliminate possible health and safety concerns, enhance the confidence of tenants, and demonstrate the importance of the well-being of customers and employees.

NFC contactless technology can also support a variety of suitable applications in the hotel industry to meet the needs of owners and tenants, including front desk check-in and restaurant ordering, elevator rides, door switches, parking lot access, and the use of various hotel facilities. Various payments in the hotel. In addition, for the foreseeable future after the outbreak, NFC contactless technology will be affordable and can be quickly built, and it will also be affordable for hoteliers and must be deployed immediately to deal with physical contact issues.

However, there is another problem that must be solved together. Although the NFC of Apple devices supports Apple Pay, it has not yet opened the NFC access control application in the hotel through Apple Wallet. Although the current iOS 13 version has fully provided the required functions and APIs, it still needs Apple ’s willingness to grant hotel RFID / NFC security keys through digital authentication before it can be added to the Apple Wallet to replace the physical RFID card. .

After the RFID / NFC security key is added to the Apple Wallet, there is no need to control the access of the key through the hotel-specific App. All hoteliers can use Apple ’s NFC access control function without additional apps. Android has long been open to provide the required NFC access control functions, so the hotel industry should jointly call on Apple to follow up as soon as possible. Due to Apple ’s considerable global market share, it will bring the application of NFC contactless technology in the hotel industry and other industries To have a huge impact.

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