• RFID Active Card
  • RFID Active Card

RFID Active Card

Model : ALT-728U

RFID type Active RFID
Frequency 433.96 MHz
Modulation FSK
Frequency channel Single
Signal strength 10 dbm
Material ABS
HF TAG Label Option
Power supply 3V
Size 85 x 54 x 4.6 mm (L x W x T)
Read distance 50M
Standby current 10 uA
Operating current 18 mA
Weight 23g
Operating temperature -20 ° C ~ 55 ° C

Anti-collision models, which can read multiple tags
Can also control access control systems, lane management and distress devices
Can be used with astag driveway, access control systems
Output interface Weg, UR, RS-485,TCP / IP output
Can be used with other brands of access control host, lane host common use
Signal transmission encryption, to prevent being copied, high security secrets
Each host has a specific code,easy to manage