• Handheld LF Reader-125K
  • Handheld LF Reader-125K

Handheld LF Reader-125K

Frequency band: 125 KHz
Interface: BLE
ISO Protocol: ISO/IEC 11784 /11785
Model : 1PML-007-DD18L

Frequency band

125 KHz



Read method

Read only、Read/Write



Data transmission


ISO Protocol ISO/IEC 11784 /11785
Size Please look the Figure 2

.Can work on the move.

Can transfer data to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Due to the high device compatibility, it can be easily paired to the back-end server.

Easy to carry.

Strong and durable.


For example, in applications related to animal management, the handheld reader is paired with the tag, and the tag is implanted into the dog's collar, and the collar is scanned through the handheld reader. After scanning, the relevant information of the animal will be send to the back-end server (such as mobile phone, laptop, computer), which can improve management efficiency and are also suitable for cargo management.