• RFID LF Module
  • RFID LF Module

RFID LF Module

Model : PML125K

A reader with PML125K serves both as a magnetic field generator and a decoder to energize a tag and receive transmitted data from it. In other words, an AC power is generated across the coil whenever the magnetic filed pass through the antenna coil of tag. Then, the voltage will power up the tag to transmit its stored information back to the reader. It is so called backscattering. Signal transmission rate is around 1K bit to 4K bit per second. It is a form of modulated Signal. A reader through its coil antenna can receive these signals. Demodulation process followed, these signals are transformed to digital data strings for further decoding. By using PML125K, A variety of chip brands are supported; such as, EM, Microchip, Philips, Temic, and so forth. It will be your simple solution with low cost and less effort to implement your complex RF system.
PIN Description Pin name Function Min Typ Max Unit
1 Data output supply DATA Digital output from
3 5 5.5 V
2 Voltage(1) VCC Suppl voctage for
digital circuit
3 5 5.5 V
3 Input frequency OSC-IN Reference frequency
to internal circuit
4M Hz
4 Ground(1) GND(1) Digital ground V
5 Modularion input WRITE VL<0.3V, VH>VCC 5 V
6 Deliver output(1) LT1 VDD-0.6V V
7 Supply voltage(2) VDD Supply voltage for
analog circuit
3 9 12 V
8 Deliver input(1) RT1 120 560 1.5K
9 Deliver output(2) LT2 VDD-0.6V V
10 Deliver input(2) RT2 Same as RT1
11 Ground(2) GND(2) Analog ground V
12 RF input RF-IN Resonent input 20Vp-p 450Vp-p V


WFE-125K-xx series provide either single direction or bidirection communication through contactless radio frequency (RF) wave. Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) mode is employed as a modulation method to carrier signal in a radio frequency of 125K Hz. It is used to accomplish actual modulation of signal transmission from a tag to a reader in a speed fallen in 1K bit to 4K bit per second.

Mobile / PDA application

RFID integrated mobile phone or PDA is shown in market now. And most of mobile phone key manufacturers are R&D mobile phone with frequency 13.56 and UHF Gen2. The idea is to integrated RFID module into mobile phone/sensor to enable consumers to read proximity label.

Intelligent Shelf

The great part of Intelligent Shelf is to raise the revenue which can make sure no shortage on shelf and no need clerk to check anymore. When combine selling mechanism in the future, supporting system can record selling data, and have cross checking among leaving/selling of products displayed on shelf. For example, how many times “product A” leave the shelf? How many “product A” were sold? How many clients take “product A” and purchase it after taking it from shelf? All those information are helpful for companies to analyze selling condition of their products which could apply to chain stores and saving the cost of human resources.


Add module into the treadmill to enable to read member’s personal information, preferable speed, time, etc. among exercising which will make the treadmill more humanized.