• HF Wristband
  • HF Wristband
  • HF Wristband

HF Wristband

Model : PWH18A1

Frequency 13.56 MHZ ±3%
Read range 3 ~ 5 cm
Testing reader PRH578
Size 178 x 36.4 x 20mm(L x H x W)
Weight 13 g
Tag material ABS + PVC
Material Fabric + Velcro
Color White, Black, Red(Can Color Printing)
Waterproof IP66
Operating temperature -20℃ ~ +75℃
Storage temperature 0°C ~ +30°C
Package 20 pcs / box
20 box / carton
ISO standard ISO 14443A ISO 15693
IC ITEM Mifare S50 / Mifare S50 UID 7 Byte / Mifare S70 / Mifare Ultralight MSR3200 / I-Code SLI / I-Code SLI-S
  I-Code EPC / EM4233 / ST LRI2K
  TI Tag-it HF-I Standard
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Customized projects


Laser carving is the new customization service. With provided pictures and carving specification, we can create your desired image or number with laser technology. (Single color and gradient colors are not available)


Using inkjet printer, we can print the UID/identification number on the card and tag. Customized or standard printing are both available.


Artwork or graphic design will be provided by client’s side (*.AI、*.CDR、*.JPG), and we will print this and manufacture. (Any further details will be discussed before manufacturing).


Tag/card’s size、colors and frequency can be customized.

Playground / Swimming Pool Application

RFID enabled waterproof wristband is used at playground, swimming pool, parking, amusement parks, or any other public area where monetary value or points can be stored with the use of wristband. Other application: children lost prevention.

The Fitness Club Application

Used by Fitness Club to track membership turnover, member information, statistical data for customized fitness plan.

Marathon Participation Card

Used at Taipei 101 Marathon Competition for tracking time and competitor information, as well as security protection. RFID application greatly increased accuracy, efficiency and security at sports events.