• UHF Pallet Card
  • UHF Pallet Card
  • UHF Pallet Card
  • UHF Pallet Card
  • UHF Pallet Card

UHF Pallet Card

Model : PTUL7

Frequency UHF(800 ~ 868 MHz) / UHF(902 ~ 928 MHz)
Testing range Up to 7 m
Testing reader PRU461
Material PP + TPR
Color White
Antenna material Copper
Transmission Passive
Operating temperature -20°C ~ +75°C
Storage temperature 0°C ~ +30°C
Size 85 x 85 x 3.6 mm(L x W x H)
Package 100 pcs / box ; 1000 box / carton ; 2000 box / carton
Waterproof IP68
ISO standard ISO 18000 – 6C(EPC C1 G2)


1. There are fixing holes in the four corners of the card, which is convenient for fixed use
2. Has good waterproof and dustproof performance
3. High sensitivity, stable reading / writing; long operating distance, reliable operation
4. The surface can be printed with personalized patterns, LOG0 logo, spray codes, etc. according to customer requirements

. Plastic label, pallet and wood management.
. Can track the location of goods for efficient management.

Application range:
This label adopts a four-corner fixing structure, which is suitable for various occasions that need to be firmly fixed, especially those that require remote control in various environments.