• RFID Active Reader - 100m
  • RFID Active Reader - 100m

RFID Active Reader - 100m

Frequency:433.96 MHz Band
Transfer rate:128 kbps
Read distance:100 M

RFID type Active RFID
Frequency 433.96 MHz Band
Transmission mode Two-way
Transfer rate 128 kbps
Signal strength 10 dbm
System support requirements windows
Connection interface USB HID
Power supply Bus Powered(USB Port)
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KeyPad 16 keys
Size 120 x 32 x 90 mm
Antenna 200 mm
Read distance 100M
Operating temperature -20 ° C to 50 ° C
  • Anti-collision models,which can read multiple tags.

  • Can also control access control systems, lane management and distress devices.

  • Can be used with astag driveway, access control systems.

  • Output interface Weg, UR, RS-485,TCP / IP output.

  • Can be used with other brands of access control host, lane host common use.

  • Signal transmission encryption, to prevent being copied, high security secrets.

  • Each host has a specific code, easy to manage.

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