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Floor Control

Model : 1FC16P

Size 130 x 112 x 18 mm(L x W x H)
Weight 230 ± 10 g
Indicator Relay(ON / OFF)
Communication interface RS485
Transmission rate RS485 : 115200 bps(N,8,1)
Transmission side 16 relay outputs
Operating voltage 9 ~ 12 VDC
Operating current 500 mA
Quiescent current 30 mA

  • .RS-485 communication interface
  • .COM Independent 16 relays
  • .N.O. / N.C. by JUMPER choice


RFID application is very popular in access and attendance control for convenience and security purposes. With proximity reader (sensor and standalone), access and security management is possible with proximity card and key chain. Information such as attendance, access data tracking and monitoring is stored and can be printed for analysis.


Reader's function can be customized.