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Model : PLU025105

  • . UHF far-end tag.
    . Can be used in lane system, logistics, warehouse management, with wide practicality.
    . Easy to carry and paste.
    . Easy to track and manage.
Iteam number PLU025105
Size 25 x 105 mm(L x W)
Frequency band 866~928 MHz Band
Read range
(Depends on the reader)
Up to 18M
Testing reader 1PRU258A0R2
Transmission principle HDX(Half Duplex)
EPC 96-bits EPC Memory, extensible to 480-bits
Functionality Read / Write
Modulation ASK
Antenna material Copper
Label Cover material Glossy Paper
(PP PEPA Paper)
Label cover color * White(Can color printing,
Tube material ABS
Tube size 3 Inch
Package 1000 pcs/roll , 4 roll/carton
Operating temperature -30°C ~ 75°C
Storage temperature -20°C ~ 35°C
ISO standard EPC-C1G2,ISO-18000-6C
IC item Alien Higgs 4
Alien Higgs 9
※Any IC is acceptable





  • .Car label.
  • .E-tag; E toll.

RFID Label