• Setting Transmitter - RH388S

Setting Transmitter - RH388S

Model : RH388S

Frequency range

315MHz; 320MHz434MHz

(Can Customized)

Code Hopping Code
Consumptive current 78 mA
Keyboard 12 Keys
Noise equivalent BW NEB 4KHz
Voltage 9V, DC 9 ~ 12V Effective Value
Display device 4 number LED Screen
Weight 160 g
Size 122 x 92 x 32mm(L x W x H)
.Can set Remote Control of 388T series, 388TA,
    388TF, 388TM.
.Can set 388R with wireless network.
.Can control automatically the opening time of
    lane gate. 




  Lane Gate Security Control
To guarantee safety for men and car, the security function of Infrared Ray Sensor (NO
contact) is as below: 
1.When the countdown of Time Control starts, if any side of Infrared Ray is obstructed,
   the countdown will stop and will only restart when the obstruction is solved. 
2.Whether Time Control is installed or not: if Infrared ray sensor is obstructed while the
   gate or roll-up steel door is descending, the gate or roll-up steel door will stop to
   ascend. If Time Control function is open when infrared ray sensor is obstructed, the
   countdown will restart.
3.When Infrared Ray continues to be obstructed (man and car are right under the door),
   for safety, the transmitter will not be able to shut down the gate or the roll-up steel door.
    Two-door Remote Control