• Laundry Tag (HF)
  • Laundry Tag (HF)

Laundry Tag (HF)

Frequency Band:13.56 MHZ ± 3%
Tested read range:2M
. Waterproof and washable
. Light and cute appearance
. Easy to track clothing/cloth
. Widely usable
Model : PLH035050

Frequency band 13.56 MHZ ± 3%
Tested read range Up to 5 cm (Depend on Reader)
Tested rader PRH-578
Power source Passive
Protocol ISO-15693
IC memory(Bits) 2K
Programming cycles 100000
Functionality Read / Write
EPC-extended temperature -40°C ~ 180°C
Waterproof IP66
size 35 x 50 mm
Washing cycles More than 200 times
Material cloth,PV
color white (Customized color available)
IC item(can customized) I-codeSLI-serial (ISO-15693)
Mifare serial (ISO-14443A)
Waterproof and washable.
Light and cute appearance.
Easy to track clothing/cloth.
Widely usable.

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