• RFID LF card reader
  • RFID LF card reader
  • RFID LF card reader

RFID LF card reader

Model : PRL5088

Frequency band 125 KHz
Max range 14 ~ 20 cm
Reading time 0.1 Sec
Operating time 0.6 Sec
P.I.N.code 4 Digital
Communication interface RS-485
Wiegand 26 bits
Output relay DC 5 A / 12 V
Power supply input DC 11 ~ 14 V
Stand by current 67 mA
Operating current 127 mA
Card max capacity 2000
Memory max capacity 3000
Baud rate 9600, 8, N, 1
Operating temperature -30°C ~ +55°C
Storage temperature 0°C ~ +30°C
Weight 240 g
Size 154 x 88 x 33 mm(L x W x H)

  • .Password or Proximity Card is available
  • .Maximum reading ranges 14-20cm
  • .The capacity is 2000/ 6000/ 10000/ three installation
  • .Random card numbers is available
  • .Large LCD screen and 16 keypads. Displaying 16 characters x 2 lines
  • .LCD screen can display the Model, Date and Time when standby
  • .Reader can record the data of come in and go out
  • .The Original installation is 1000 records
  • .Set up 3000/ 5000/ 7000/ 9000/ records that depend on the customers
  • .Inquiring the data from Reader directly
  • .Built-in the watch output. Compatible with the monitor system
  • .Built-in tamper switch detects if case is under force
  • .Increasing and deleting card numbers by keyboard directly
  • .Set up the functions by keyboard directly. LCD display
  • .Reader's memories are never deleted even if power failure
  • .Sensor and Alarm will be started when the door is unlocked or under force
  • .Compatible with the Reader (Wiegand 26 bit)
  • .Separating HW-5055 and Reader (Wiegand 26 bit) too indoors and outdoors
  • .Controlling the time of pass in and out
  • .Controlling the time of pass in and out on Holiday/Weekdays
  • .Avoiding stealing into the building
  • .Displaying the immediate message in the LED screen
  • .Record, watch and inquiry of the data that pass in and out but also are saved
  • .Increasing and deleting the cards by PC
  • .Reader can compatible with RS232 <一> RS485 switch that can connect with PC to monitor the access