• RH388TU
  • RH388TU
  • RH388TU
  • RH388TU


Model : RH388TU

.Transmitter has the function of illumination.
.RFID Label can be attached in RH388TU.
.Has both fuctions of Remote Control and Access
Frequency range 320MHz ; 315MHz ; 434MHz(Can Customized)
Operation voltage DC 9 ~ 12 V
Consumptive current 25mA Max
Size 58 x 32 x 15 mm(L x W x H)
Battery 12V / 23A
Power switch Yes
Frequency channel Single
Material ABS + Aluminum
Color Black、Silver
Key-Ring material Steel、Iron、Zinc-Alloy
Key-Ring weight 8g
Weight 36.8g
IC ITEM Mifare S50 , I-code-SLI

Variety Remote System

Electronic garage gate,Car anti-thief system,Entrance, Remote switching system.