• Bullet Seal
  • Bullet Seal

Bullet Seal

Frequency band: UHF(902 ~ 928 MHz)
Read range: 7 meters or more
ISO Protocol: ISO 17712、ISO 18000-6C、EPC-C1G2

Frequency band
UHF(902 ~ 928 MHz)

Read range

7 meters or more

ISO Protocol

ISO 17712、ISO 18000-6C、EPC-C1G2


89 g


122 x 81 x 19 mm(L x W x H)

This will increase the safety of container movement and ensure the safety of container movement, thereby effectively reducing the customs clearance cost of the industry, while preventing illegal smuggling and creating a safe and convenient customs clearance environment.

.Can not be reused.

.Prevent tampering with data.

.Prevent counterfeiting.

.Fast pass.


Since the tragic September 11 attacks, there's a highlighted need from US government for terrorist attacks prevention and security. In the US government security plan, it includes RFID H/W, smart seal, etc. to prevent destruction of container or illegal smuggling at safe and scalable solution. These technologies are also used at Taiwan's custom border. Other application: prisoners transportation, oil transportation, or any other transportation that require extreme high level security protection.