• RFID LF Reader

RFID LF Reader

Frequency:125 KHz
Max range:14 ~ 20 cm
Model : PRL5056

  • Frequency band 125 KHz
    Max range 14 ~ 20 cm
    Reading time 0.1 Sec
    Operating time 0.6 Sec
    P.I.N.code 4 Digital
    Communication interface RS-485
    Wiegand 26 bits
    Output relay DC 5 A / 12 V
    Power supply input DC 11 ~ 14 V
    Stand by current 54.3 mA
    Operating current 103.6 mA
    Card max capacity 10000
    Memory max capacity 9000
    Baud rate 9600 8N1
    Operating temperature -30°C ~ +55°C
    Storage temperature 0°C ~ +30°C
    Weight 300 g
    Size 150 x 129 x 33 mm(L x W x H
    • .Password or Proximity Card is available
    • .Maximum reading ranges 14-20cm
    • .The capacity is 2000/ 6000/ 10000/ three installation
    • .Random card numbers is available
    • .Large LCD screen and 16 keypads. Displaying 16 characters x 2 lines
    • .LCD screen can display the Model, Date and Time when standby
    • .Reader can record the data of come in and go out
    • .The Original installation is 1000 records
    • .Set up 3000/ 5000/ 7000/ 9000/ records that depend on the customers
    • .Inquiring the data from Reader directly
    • .Built-in the watch output. Compatible with the monitor system
    • .Built-in tamper switch detects if case is under force
    • .Increasing and deleting card numbers by keyboard directly
    • .Set up the functions by keyboard directly. LCD display
    • .Reader's memories are never deleted even if power failure
    • .Sensor and Alarm will be started when the door is unlocked or under force
    • .Compatible with the Reader (Wiegand 26 bit)
    • .Separating HW-5055 and Reader (Wiegand 26 bit) too indoors and outdoors


RFID application is very popular in access and attendance control for convenience and security purposes. With proximity reader (sensor and standalone), access and security management is possible with proximity card and key chain. Information such as attendance, access data tracking and monitoring is stored and can be printed for analysis.


Reader's function can be customized.