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Model : RH388R

Frequency range 320MHz ; 315MHz ; 434MHz(Can Customized)
Code Hopping Code
Consumptive current 98 mA
Sensitivity -106 dbm
Noise equivalent BW NEB 4K Hz
Voltage AC 96 V ~ 260 V
Display device 4 number LED Screen
Output current 2A1B ,3A ,4A(Can Customized)
Output interfance RS-485 Link to computer
Baud rate 9600 Baud Rate
Capacity 6000 sets Transmitters Maximum
.Regulating the Parking Lot, and the Building
.Avoiding the accident by connecting with an
   Infrared Ray.
.Set up the time to control the gate.
.HW-388 series is adopting the Hopping Code.
.The Transmitter will change the different code by
    each use.
.Furthermore, each Transmitter can set up the
   different number.
.Preventing to be copied.
.Each Transmitter can edit the unique number.
.If the HW-388 receive the same number that is
   used by more than two Transmitters the whole
   Transmitters of same number that will be deleted.
.If the transmitter was lost, the guard can delete
    the transmitter by HW-388S to regulate the
    access control system.
.HW-388S and HW-388R is wireless, be
    convenient to your operation.
.HW-388S can edit the code in the transmitter.
.HW-388S can set up several functions as follow :

    a. Deletion

    b. Reset

    c. The last transmitter number

    d. The initial transmitter number
.Connecting with PC to record the data of pass in
    and out.
.Connecting with HW-5056 to make the Access
    Control System safer and easier.
.Enhancing the remote-controlled distance.


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